We are David* and Margaret.


Goodness knows how, but you've stumbled upon our homepage.

Unlike most personal homepages, this one doesn't include pictures of us, our children, our pets, or our vacations.

It doesn't list the places we've visited. It doesn't catalogue our hobbies.

You won't find our resumes, biographies, or curricula vitŠ here.

It says nothing about where we live or how much time, money, and/or effort we have or haven't put into fixing up our old or new house, apartment, condominium, or trailer.

Despite these omissions, we think our personal homepage is no more or less consequential than any other personal homepage on the web. However, it took us a lot less time to create, and it takes almost no time to maintain.

That gives us more time to enjoy life.

May you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours.



*Founding member of TSTBTBT, The Society to Ban the Blink Tag.

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